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Bring Your Local Business to Life with These 5 Instagram Tricks!

Instagram has become a major advertising platform for any sort of brand, business, or company looking to boost their revenue. It has surpassed Twitter and Facebook both when it comes to interaction on   a social media site, which makes it a perfect choice for gaining traffic to your business and building relationships with your consumers. Utilizing Instagram for your local business is a wise, and fun, business choice, and really simple to get started with. With over 500 million users, you’re already tapping into a huge bank of potential customers. These are some tricks to jump-start your Instagram profile into being a top-notch money maker!

1. Be Clear On Location!

For businesses hoping to get more local recognition, one of the best ways to do that is to really capitalize on the area you’re in. Put your location in your bio, and use geotags on your posts. Add content generated around surrounding areas such as important landmarks, local events, and pretty sights that can be seen around your town or city to establish your part in the community.

2. Host Contests and Giveaways!

A great way to get a buzz on your business and product or services is to offer contests and giveaways. Depending on your brand and type of company you run, you can encourage your followers to post photos for a prize by using specific hashtags or tagging your handle in their entries. Offer free product to your followers with fun giveaways at milestones like your first thousand, and encourage interaction on your photos. Contests can participate by liking a photo in a random draw, or by answering questions you pose to inspire thought and creativity.

3. Reach Out!

Just like you, there are many other business owners on Instagram doing their best to boost their traffic and following. Help each other out and cross-promote, partner up for events and contests, or simply show your support by commenting and liking their photos and videos. This will give a sense of community, and make your brand all the more appealing to those following you.

4. Get A Little Personal!

The best aspect of Instagram is the slice of life it offers to your followers. You have the ability to give a look into who you are as a company. Posting pictures and videos of your employees at events, behind the scenes, or at holidays is a great way to show the person behind the name. Instagram users love a personalized touch to a brand.

5. Add Some Video Content!

Instagram is all about the visuals, and a great way to give an even clearer picture into the life of your business by adding in videos every now and then. They can be clips of commercials, events you and your employees attend in the area, or celebration of significant milestones that your team has reached. Creativity is what made Instagram so popular, so don’t be afraid to put your company out there. Videos on Instagram have shown a statistically high amount of interaction, so it’s a great way to really get involved with your following.

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