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Top 5 Savory and Top 5 Sweet Chefs on Instagram to Follow

When you open Instagram, I’m sure that among all the sweet pictures of friends on vacation and the adorable pets that they own there are tons of pictures of food.  A lot of people love documenting the foods that they eat and sharing them with friends.  And as much fun as it is to laugh at the people that take pictures of their food, we all love it.

But where better to see pictures of food from but famous chefs themselves?  Below are some of the best chefs (on the savory side and the sweet as well) for you to follow.  They post tons of delicious looking photos, so you may want to have a snack on hand when you browse through their Instagram pages.


1.      David Chang

With pictures of not only his own creations but the places he goes, David Chang’s feed is sure to make you hungry.  With all the interesting combinations of styles, you may just find yourself wanting to go out and try some new flavors.

Libyan inspired Korean food

A photo posted by Dave Chang (@davidchang) on

2.      Jamie Oliver

This Instagram account is full of beautifully captured food and ingredients.  Besides pictures of the food, there are some pictures of the process as well as a few pictures of his family and the people he works with.

3.      Kristen Kish

After Kristen Kish had won Season 10 of Top Chef, she went on to do a lot of awesome things including writing a book.  But if you want to see the other side of her life, you’ll want to follow her Instagram.  Besides pictures of her cooking and what she’s eating, Kish includes a look into her life, her work, and her travels.

My forehead vein shows itself when I prep

A photo posted by Kristen Kish (@kristenlkish) on

4.      Marr Moran

While this chef might be busy running around taking care of his restaurants and visiting other restaurants around the world, he’s always got interesting food to post.  He showcases his own beautifully plated food along with pictures of his globe-trotting adventures.

Happy Australia Day guys! @huxtons #avocado #eggs

A photo posted by Matt Moran (@chefmattmoran) on

5.      Rachel Khoo

Rachel Khoo’s Instagram is full of beautiful pictures, and they’re not all of food.  She shows off where she’s been and who’s she’s seen and what she’s doing.


1.      Hayleycakes and Cookies

With witty puns in every cookie, this Instagram is sure to make you hungry while you laugh at the silly cookies.  This Texas bakery not also posts pictures of their cookie and cake creations, they also share videos of the cookies being frosted.

2.      Joanne Chang

While Joanne Chang is a chef, she also runs the Flour Bakery and Café.  There are several locations in Massachusetts, and Chang takes care to document some of the most delicious looking creations that are coming out of the bakeries.

3.      Dominique Ansel

You may know this chef as the creator of the cronut, but he’s doing more innovative stuff and sharing all of it online for you to drool over.

4.      Jean-Georges Vongerichten

On this Instagram, you will find pictures of beautifully plated food, sunsets, and colorful drinks.  Jean-Georges Vongerichten certainly shows off the beauty of cooking.

5. Giada DeLaurentiis

Giada DeLaurentiis shows off her whole life on her Instagram, and that includes all the delicious dishes that she’s making and eating.  This Instagram isn’t just about food, but also about the life of the chef.

Pantry mezzi rigatoni w/ greens for an impromptu party 🎉 on #giadaentertains today! 12e|11c @foodnetwork

A photo posted by Giada DeLaurentiis (@giadadelaurentiis) on

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How Instagram is Being Used in the Classroom

Kids these days

No matter what generation you’re from, you’ve heard the phrase. Well kids these days are super into technology. A no-brainer, right? If you’re the parent of, or work with pre-teens and teenagers, you know just how many social media apps and websites they use, sometimes all at once. Teachers are taking advantage of kids’ social media engagement by using it to create another platform for learning and connecting. Might as well nab them where they hang out, right?

The social media hangout of choice? Instagram.

Instagram is a mecca for young people to share photos and videos of themselves, and the things they love. Using it in the classroom opens opportunities for grabbing student’s attention. How is Instagram being used in the classroom? Here are four helpful ways.

Celebrate Students

Kids love to know what they did right, and in this selfie-crazed world, love to look at themselves, too. Instagram is a great place for teachers and students to showcase what they’ve accomplished. Teachers can post pictures of artwork, students displaying awards like Student of the Month, and successful assignments. In the vein of encouraging kindness, snapping candid images of students helping each other, working together, and displaying random acts of kindness are a way to nurture connection.

Some schools have policies against sharing student’s images online, so following those guidelines is important.


Searching Instagram can reveal a wealth of historic images posted by other users that can be grabbed and shared again. Or, teachers can use copyright-free images from other websites and repost them to Instagram. During a history unit, posting relevant pictures and asking students questions is an interactive way to reiterate information they learned in class. For instance, Dallas Thompson, a 5th-grade teacher, and blogger from Georgia posted an image of Henry Ford and asked the question, “Who is this and what was he known for?” Students posted answers for a fun way to review material and prepare for an exam.


Some kids love to read, and for others, it’s the worst chore ever. Instagram can make it easier. Teachers can use the site to create a reading list of books their students can choose from. Or, to show them what’s coming up next on the reading list. It also allows students to share what they might be reading outside of the classroom which can help generate interest for students who may not be as thrilled about diving into a good book. All of this can be even more exciting if students can connect with their favorite authors on Instagram—and they can by searching the author’s name, and interacting on his or her posts.

Class Notifications

Because kids are literally on social media so much, schools and teachers are using Instagram to post important announcements and reminders. Big assignment coming up or standardized testing coming up? Teachers can post funny memes to remind kids to study. Snow day or concert reminder? Kids can catch the announcement on their Instagram feed. Notifications are endless, just like the possibilities for using this resource. Whatever you need to remind students of for the day or week can be effective on Instagram. The kids are there anyway, right? Might as well jump in.

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How to Make Better Instagram Videos

Instagram has a great video platform, and it’s only gotten better as time has gone on.  Now that you can upload videos that are a minute long, you can really do a lot with them.  The only challenge is learning how to make those fun videos even better.  To help you get through that challenge, here are some simple tips that’ll get you started on making great Instagram videos.  Of course, the most important part of this is to have fun with what you’re doing.

Learn from the Pros

If you’re struggling to figure out how to make your videos even better, I’d suggest looking at accounts that are making cool content.  Tons of Instagram celebrities are playing around with video to show off their most creative side.  You don’t have to do exactly as they do, but you can take their ideas and turn them into something new that you can put your own spin on.

Tell A Story

Even if it’s a silly story, giving your audience a narrative to hold onto will make your video that much more memorable.  Craft your story with different kinds of angles and shots that you use to create your videos.  It’ll also just make it a little easier to figure out what you’re doing in the long run.

Learn from Traditional Film-making

While you don’t think you’d be able to really help yourself with social media by watching old movies, you can really learn a lot about Instagram videos when you look at movies.  The way that they switch angles or focus in on parts of the scene can be reflected in the way that you make videos for Instagram.  Unless the kind of video you’re doing requires a single frame, consider spicing it up.  It’ll take some practice, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Use the Best Equipment You Can

There are tons of third party apps and equipment that you can use to create great videos.  Of course, Instagram video editing is getting better and better as time goes on, but you can still find new things, like a telephoto lens for your iPhone to really spice up your game.  You can even use professional cameras and special SD cards, but those aren’t necessary to make fun videos.

Don’t be Afraid to Be Yourself

Just like with every kind of creative act, you just need to be yourself to make a good video.  You’ll make your best content when you’re true to yourself.  If you’re obsessed with something, then bring it into your videos and make it part of the content that you create.  Make your content as ‘you’ as you want it to be.

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How Instagram can Make Your Yoga Teachings Go Viral

We live in a world where social media platforms such as Instagram have over a billion users worldwide. When you’re a yogi, a photo on Instagram, done right, can help you skyrocket your career. You might not think it possible, but you could earn a lot of money, respect, and reputation by marketing your yoga teachings on the picture-based social media platform.

Rising to fame on the yoga section of Instagram isn’t an exact science. However, taking advantage of the algorithm used to put people and posts on the “trending” page can give you almost guaranteed results in time. Every time your post hits the popular page, you’re going to see a rise in the number of new followers you get, further increasing your potential for success.


Tips for Posting Successfully About Yoga

As a professional yogi, you need to be doing certain things when you post on Instagram. These will allow you to find more new followers who actually want to learn from you. The people who already follow you will also be more tempted to stay loyal and engage with your account when you practice these tactics.

  1. Inspiration is key – one of the fastest ways to improve how well your posts do is to find a yogi who has experienced great success and see how they do it. Try to figure out what they are doing right and what they aren’t so that you can help your own account be better than theirs. You should try not to feel overwhelmed by these accounts – they all started out right where you are now.
  2. Show your followers your classes – since you’re a teacher, your followers should see you in your natural habitat: class. Ask for permission from anyone concerned, then photograph or video your class while it is in session.
  3. Make your reviews public – just like any professional, you get feedback for your teaching. Share the best reviews with your followers on Instagram. These can be in the form of written testimonials or verbal feedback. Try to get endorsements from other high-ranked Instagram yogis too!
  4. Don’t be perfect – while everyone strives for perfection, you don’t want your followers to see you as an unattainable goal. You have to show them that you are as human as they are. Make sure you post regularly about “cheat days”, how your body isn’t perfect, and how you’re working on improving it. People will be more likely to be loyal to you if they feel that they can relate to you.
  5. Use calls-to-action – while content that visually stimulates your followers and causes them to be loyal to you is wonderful, you need to convert these followers into customers and students. Every now and then, include a link to your classes, to a signup page, or to a promotional page for your business.

By following these tips for success, you’re bound to see increased conversion rates among your followers as well as booming success online. Stay humble, grounded, and inspired!

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5 Tips for Musicians: Captivate Your Instagram Following

One of the biggest social media websites for musicians to get involved in to push their brand is Instagram. With 500 million users and a simple interface, establishing your presence on the site is an essential part of the plan for getting active with your fanbase and generating a bigger buzz around your music. Fortunately, it’s not hard to get yourself started on Instagram. All you need is a catchy handle, a strategy for the content you’ll be posting, and these helpful tips to get your profile trending and grabbing the attention of users.

1. Show Off Your Personality!

It’s important nowadays for your fans and followers to really see who you are, and what your “normal” life looks like. Some people have become famous and have a huge following on social media sites just for showing off their world to the internet. Don’t be afraid to give your followers a look into what happens to you personally, away from the music. Just be careful not to post anything you’ll regret or be embarrassed over later. Stay upbeat with your posts!

2. Don’t Forget to Keep Posting!

When someone follows you on Instagram, it’s because they want to see the content you post. To have a successful presence on Instagram, keep up with your posts. A couple times a day is best, and make sure you try to target busy social media traffic hours, so your photos will get the most views.

3. Utilize Your Hashtags!

Hashtags are the best way to get your photos found. Don’t just make up ones that are catchy and specific to your brand. Take the time to research what’s trending and be descriptive with what you tag. Include the genre of music you produce and participate in weekly trends like selfie Sunday or throw-back Thursday.

4. Ask Your Follows to Engage!

One of the more appealing parts of Instagram is how easy it is to interact with your followers. This has been a proven method of gaining hype for your profile. Ask your fans to tag your Instagram handle in their photos, like the content they tag you in and reply to a few comments. You’ll notice the fast growth in your following when fans see that you care about communicating with them.

5. Use Apps and Extensions!

Put a widget that links your Instagram profile to your website and sync up your other social media accounts. There are tons of apps out there to help you queue posts, see trending hashtags, and edit your photos to look nice and uniform to the theme of your profile.

Like all things, everything will be a bit different from user to user, so play around with the features available to you and figure out what works the best for you and your brand. Whether you are playing local bar nights, or touring nationally, Instagram is a great way to get up-close and personal with your fans, so take advantage of it.

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