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Top 5 Savory and Top 5 Sweet Chefs on Instagram to Follow

When you open Instagram, I’m sure that among all the sweet pictures of friends on vacation and the adorable pets that they own there are tons of pictures of food.  A lot of people love documenting the foods that they eat and sharing them with friends.  And as much fun as it is to laugh at the people that take pictures of their food, we all love it.

But where better to see pictures of food from but famous chefs themselves?  Below are some of the best chefs (on the savory side and the sweet as well) for you to follow.  They post tons of delicious looking photos, so you may want to have a snack on hand when you browse through their Instagram pages.


1.      David Chang

With pictures of not only his own creations but the places he goes, David Chang’s feed is sure to make you hungry.  With all the interesting combinations of styles, you may just find yourself wanting to go out and try some new flavors.

Libyan inspired Korean food

A photo posted by Dave Chang (@davidchang) on

2.      Jamie Oliver

This Instagram account is full of beautifully captured food and ingredients.  Besides pictures of the food, there are some pictures of the process as well as a few pictures of his family and the people he works with.

3.      Kristen Kish

After Kristen Kish had won Season 10 of Top Chef, she went on to do a lot of awesome things including writing a book.  But if you want to see the other side of her life, you’ll want to follow her Instagram.  Besides pictures of her cooking and what she’s eating, Kish includes a look into her life, her work, and her travels.

My forehead vein shows itself when I prep

A photo posted by Kristen Kish (@kristenlkish) on

4.      Marr Moran

While this chef might be busy running around taking care of his restaurants and visiting other restaurants around the world, he’s always got interesting food to post.  He showcases his own beautifully plated food along with pictures of his globe-trotting adventures.

Happy Australia Day guys! @huxtons #avocado #eggs

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5.      Rachel Khoo

Rachel Khoo’s Instagram is full of beautiful pictures, and they’re not all of food.  She shows off where she’s been and who’s she’s seen and what she’s doing.


1.      Hayleycakes and Cookies

With witty puns in every cookie, this Instagram is sure to make you hungry while you laugh at the silly cookies.  This Texas bakery not also posts pictures of their cookie and cake creations, they also share videos of the cookies being frosted.

2.      Joanne Chang

While Joanne Chang is a chef, she also runs the Flour Bakery and Café.  There are several locations in Massachusetts, and Chang takes care to document some of the most delicious looking creations that are coming out of the bakeries.

3.      Dominique Ansel

You may know this chef as the creator of the cronut, but he’s doing more innovative stuff and sharing all of it online for you to drool over.

4.      Jean-Georges Vongerichten

On this Instagram, you will find pictures of beautifully plated food, sunsets, and colorful drinks.  Jean-Georges Vongerichten certainly shows off the beauty of cooking.

5. Giada DeLaurentiis

Giada DeLaurentiis shows off her whole life on her Instagram, and that includes all the delicious dishes that she’s making and eating.  This Instagram isn’t just about food, but also about the life of the chef.

Pantry mezzi rigatoni w/ greens for an impromptu party 🎉 on #giadaentertains today! 12e|11c @foodnetwork

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