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How Instagram can Make Your Yoga Teachings Go Viral

We live in a world where social media platforms such as Instagram have over a billion users worldwide. When you’re a yogi, a photo on Instagram, done right, can help you skyrocket your career. You might not think it possible, but you could earn a lot of money, respect, and reputation by marketing your yoga teachings on the picture-based social media platform.

Rising to fame on the yoga section of Instagram isn’t an exact science. However, taking advantage of the algorithm used to put people and posts on the “trending” page can give you almost guaranteed results in time. Every time your post hits the popular page, you’re going to see a rise in the number of new followers you get, further increasing your potential for success.


Tips for Posting Successfully About Yoga

As a professional yogi, you need to be doing certain things when you post on Instagram. These will allow you to find more new followers who actually want to learn from you. The people who already follow you will also be more tempted to stay loyal and engage with your account when you practice these tactics.

  1. Inspiration is key – one of the fastest ways to improve how well your posts do is to find a yogi who has experienced great success and see how they do it. Try to figure out what they are doing right and what they aren’t so that you can help your own account be better than theirs. You should try not to feel overwhelmed by these accounts – they all started out right where you are now.
  2. Show your followers your classes – since you’re a teacher, your followers should see you in your natural habitat: class. Ask for permission from anyone concerned, then photograph or video your class while it is in session.
  3. Make your reviews public – just like any professional, you get feedback for your teaching. Share the best reviews with your followers on Instagram. These can be in the form of written testimonials or verbal feedback. Try to get endorsements from other high-ranked Instagram yogis too!
  4. Don’t be perfect – while everyone strives for perfection, you don’t want your followers to see you as an unattainable goal. You have to show them that you are as human as they are. Make sure you post regularly about “cheat days”, how your body isn’t perfect, and how you’re working on improving it. People will be more likely to be loyal to you if they feel that they can relate to you.
  5. Use calls-to-action – while content that visually stimulates your followers and causes them to be loyal to you is wonderful, you need to convert these followers into customers and students. Every now and then, include a link to your classes, to a signup page, or to a promotional page for your business.

By following these tips for success, you’re bound to see increased conversion rates among your followers as well as booming success online. Stay humble, grounded, and inspired!

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