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5 Tips for Musicians: Captivate Your Instagram Following

One of the biggest social media websites for musicians to get involved in to push their brand is Instagram. With 500 million users and a simple interface, establishing your presence on the site is an essential part of the plan for getting active with your fanbase and generating a bigger buzz around your music. Fortunately, it’s not hard to get yourself started on Instagram. All you need is a catchy handle, a strategy for the content you’ll be posting, and these helpful tips to get your profile trending and grabbing the attention of users.

1. Show Off Your Personality!

It’s important nowadays for your fans and followers to really see who you are, and what your “normal” life looks like. Some people have become famous and have a huge following on social media sites just for showing off their world to the internet. Don’t be afraid to give your followers a look into what happens to you personally, away from the music. Just be careful not to post anything you’ll regret or be embarrassed over later. Stay upbeat with your posts!

2. Don’t Forget to Keep Posting!

When someone follows you on Instagram, it’s because they want to see the content you post. To have a successful presence on Instagram, keep up with your posts. A couple times a day is best, and make sure you try to target busy social media traffic hours, so your photos will get the most views.

3. Utilize Your Hashtags!

Hashtags are the best way to get your photos found. Don’t just make up ones that are catchy and specific to your brand. Take the time to research what’s trending and be descriptive with what you tag. Include the genre of music you produce and participate in weekly trends like selfie Sunday or throw-back Thursday.

4. Ask Your Follows to Engage!

One of the more appealing parts of Instagram is how easy it is to interact with your followers. This has been a proven method of gaining hype for your profile. Ask your fans to tag your Instagram handle in their photos, like the content they tag you in and reply to a few comments. You’ll notice the fast growth in your following when fans see that you care about communicating with them.

5. Use Apps and Extensions!

Put a widget that links your Instagram profile to your website and sync up your other social media accounts. There are tons of apps out there to help you queue posts, see trending hashtags, and edit your photos to look nice and uniform to the theme of your profile.

Like all things, everything will be a bit different from user to user, so play around with the features available to you and figure out what works the best for you and your brand. Whether you are playing local bar nights, or touring nationally, Instagram is a great way to get up-close and personal with your fans, so take advantage of it.

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