Instagram has a great video platform, and it’s only gotten better as time has gone on.  Now that you can upload videos that are a minute long, you can really do a lot with them.  The only challenge is learning how to make those fun videos even better.  To help you get through that challenge, here are some simple tips that’ll get you started on making great Instagram videos.  Of course, the most important part of this is to have fun with what you’re doing.

Learn from the Pros

If you’re struggling to figure out how to make your videos even better, I’d suggest looking at accounts that are making cool content.  Tons of Instagram celebrities are playing around with video to show off their most creative side.  You don’t have to do exactly as they do, but you can take their ideas and turn them into something new that you can put your own spin on.

Tell A Story

Even if it’s a silly story, giving your audience a narrative to hold onto will make your video that much more memorable.  Craft your story with different kinds of angles and shots that you use to create your videos.  It’ll also just make it a little easier to figure out what you’re doing in the long run.

Learn from Traditional Film-making

While you don’t think you’d be able to really help yourself with social media by watching old movies, you can really learn a lot about Instagram videos when you look at movies.  The way that they switch angles or focus in on parts of the scene can be reflected in the way that you make videos for Instagram.  Unless the kind of video you’re doing requires a single frame, consider spicing it up.  It’ll take some practice, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Use the Best Equipment You Can

There are tons of third party apps and equipment that you can use to create great videos.  Of course, Instagram video editing is getting better and better as time goes on, but you can still find new things, like a telephoto lens for your iPhone to really spice up your game.  You can even use professional cameras and special SD cards, but those aren’t necessary to make fun videos.

Don’t be Afraid to Be Yourself

Just like with every kind of creative act, you just need to be yourself to make a good video.  You’ll make your best content when you’re true to yourself.  If you’re obsessed with something, then bring it into your videos and make it part of the content that you create.  Make your content as ‘you’ as you want it to be.

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