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Why Your Favorite Instagram Stars are Moving to Tik Tok

Every day, more and more social media influencers are flocking to Tik Tok. Instagram stars and models are no exceptions. As the popularity of the short video app grows, influencers are moving over there to create content. But why?

After all, Instagram is still a relatively popular social media app. Even YouTubers are moving to Tik Tok, where their videos will be much shorter and have (sometimes) less content. So what is the appeal of Tik Tok? Why are Instagram influencers jumping off the Photoshop ship to hop on the Tik Tok train?

The Appeal of Tik Tok

Tik Tok is one of, if not the, most downloaded apps of 2019. With over 500 million global users and counting, it is experiencing a rapid growth beyond what its creators ever dreamed. Seemingly inspired by the Vine platform which shut down, Tik Tok’s short video platform is extremely intuitive and fluid.

Instagram, on the other hand, is quite plain in comparison. Though Instagram currently has more users, its engagement and growth have rapidly declined where Tik Tok’s is shooting up. The “for you page”, which is Tik Tok’s version of the Instagram explore page, has a better algorithm. Rather than many small photos and videos where you need to click to find it, the FYP is a full screen, vertical experience for the users. It’s more engaging and it’s a lot easier to get sucked in.

Tik Tok is also far more collaborative and, in many ways, more creative than Instagram. There’s an energy to the newer app that can’t really be explained. Users can easily collab with other users, and they have more interaction with their followers. There’s more creative content available on Tik Tok. Instagram, while aesthetically pleasing, fall flat in many ways. It’s more static, even with the ability to post videos.

Building an Audience

Tik Tok’s algorithms and set up also make it much easier to gain followers. Where it can take time to build a base on Instagram if you aren’t already famous, the way the newer platform is set up makes sense. With hashtags, the FYP, and duets, among other things, it’s far easier to build up a fan base if you know what you’re doing.

Tik Tok is more “real” than Instagram, which is appealing to a lot of teens. Most influencers’ audiences are made up of young teens to 20-somethings. A lot of content is still curated, of course, but there is a difference between Photoshop and clever jump cuts. Even the filters on Tik Tok are more appealing and interactive than its competitors. All of these things are part of the reason Tik Tok has seen such massive growth.

Instagrammers are aware of this too. Users who have made the successful jump from IG to Tik Tok can attest. Once you realize how crazy the growth is on the newer platform, it only makes sense to move over. Tik Tokers are already becoming influencers in their own right, and ads have begun making an appearance too. This time, though, you can expect a bigger audience to see your ad, and gain more followers in the process.

The “Safety” of the New App

Influencers have more creative freedom on Tik Tok. This includes creating more interesting, quirky content with less fear of backlash. Internet bullying exists on all platforms, but the naturally “weird” nature of the new app lends itself to more fun content. People can interact with popular creators with less trepidation.

It’s also a way for fans to interact with the influencers, and they are more likely to be seen. Many social media stars actually enjoy interacting with their fans. With the duet feature, fans feel like they’re making something with their favorite internet stars. It’s yet another way for influencers to engage an audience, with fun content and less fear of ridicule.

There is something fun about the younger app that matches the attitude of its demographic. Influencers know this. The app is a fun, weird way to make new things and interact with a wider audience. Social media spaces like Instagram and even YouTube don’t lend themselves to the same kind of freedom as the newer platform. They have become almost too branded and straight-laced. The short video app is a “safe space” in its own right, for both creators and fans.

The Marketing Factor

It’s difficult to find a social media site without a Tik Tok ad. They’re on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Snapchat, and even Instagram. The ads, though, are usually fun and use a popular video from the app. It’s a more relaxed, realistic view of the app itself. In a way, it feels like a better strategy than the carefully curated ads of other social media sites.

That’s not to say that Tik Tok doesn’t know what it’s doing with its “relaxed” ads. That is precisely what makes them so effective. Influencers are catching on to this. The ads are yet another way to grow an audience, and a bigger audience means more money. Even Instagram models can find their niche on the app. Often the ads contain content from popular Tik Tokers. For Instagram stars, making the jump to the new app means they’ll bring their fans with them and make them famous on a new platform. By extension, it’s likely that they will end up in an ad. It’s a clever strategy by both the app itself and social media stars.


The future of social media is constantly in flux. Many users who started on Vine are now YouTube and Instagram famous. The same is now true of Instagram stars jumping to Tik Tok. The rapid growth, diverse base, and clever content of the app encourages creators to join in the fun. If your favorite Instagram model isn’t on Tik Tok yet, keep an eye out – they probably will be soon!

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Buying Instagram Followers? Here’s How + 4 Other Ways to Increase Your Presence

Like any marketing campaign, a little bit of time and effort has to mix with a solid strategy in order to boost your business on Instagram. This social media platform has become huge recently– especially popular among those hoping to see an increase in revenue by using the mobile app for marketing purposes, Instagram is now a household name. Everyone from artists to designers, fitness trainers, and even dancers are using Instagram to get discovered, and the tactic is working! Recently, Instagram has been offering paid advertising like Facebook, but exclusively for huge businesses. Some people have started making their income entirely with their personal accounts, just by being sponsored by big name brands. What is the key to all of this? Followers! Instagram is an app that is fueled by numbers, in the marketing sense. The number of followers you have on your account is the number of people you have reached, and can be considered as current and potential clients. The concept is simple: the more followers, the better. 

The trick is getting those followers without having to spend money. Instagram has made it easy for businesses to promote themselves. If you have a strategy and a clear plan on what you’re doing then you will be able to reach your audience without difficulty. ;

That all being said, at the end of the day, there is no better way to increase your social presence than to buy Instagram followers, and what better place than Buzzoid? Buzzoid offers services in each of the following locales:

  1. Germany:
  2. Netherlands:
  3. France:
  4. Brazil:


Hashtags are the best way to get noticed. Use relevant hashtags to increase visibility of your brand, but also use popular searches with lots of posts in them. You should use at least 6 hashtags per post, but probably not more than 11 or 12 without looking a little desperate. Jump in on trends like “#throwbackthursday” and some research to see what your competitors are using for hashtags, or take a look at some accounts that are part of the general public you’re trying to gear your advertisements towards.


Instagram is so popular because of the interactions that takes place on the app. Make sure you’re not just posting and ignoring those who respond. Instead give them a shout back and like a few of their photos when you see them frequently active on your account. Follow similar profiles, track tags that your brand has created, and make sure your followers feel appreciated by offering them special discount codes. You can even hold contests and giveaways to really boost the interaction on your account!


A few apps like Repost have popped up to help you share pictures posted by other accounts directly to your own. It’s a great way to show off real customer satisfaction, as well as helping to boost your engagment on your posts. 


One of the easiest ways to get your Instagram noticed is by linking up to all your other social media sites, or even your businesses website. This is really easy to do, and will help reach even more people, pushing that number on your following up fast. 

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How Instagram Can Make You Money

Almost everyone has signed up for Instagram before, and millions of people actively use their accounts. It’s not uncommon to hear about people finding fame through their selfies and cat pictures, but it always seems to sound a little impossible to the average user. Well, fortunately for those Instagrammers out there wanting to make a buck or two, it’s actually pretty easy to attract the eyes of businesses willing to sponsor you!

The most important part of building your Instagram account up to be an appealing business investment with brands is your followers. Some companies will accept users with 500 or more followers. Others will be looking for following bases of thousands. It may take some time to work your way up to the follower count you want and need, but the end result will be worth it.

When a brand sponsors you on Instagram, the idea behind it is that they send you their product to post about. It shows that real people get use from their products, and it encourages your followers to purchase from them as well. It’s a great way to get started in modeling or running a business of your own. Plus, you get to try out free stuff!

What companies look for is the content you post, the engagement you have with your followers, and your influence over their target audience. Make sure that you utilize relevant hashtags and have a bio that explains what you do and how to get in contact with you. Keep your posts active. You’ll want to post daily at least to ensure a consistent increase in followers and interaction to catch the eye of businesses.

If you already have yourself set up with a successful Instagram account and you’re ready to start making money from it, great! The only thing that is left to do is get in touch with brands that you could work with.

Making That $$$

One of the most productive ways to start earning money is by offering exclusive discount codes to shops like Stylinity, Ebates, and ShareASale. You’ll get a commission of the profits the store made with the sales that used your discount code! This is a great way for those without a huge following base to generate some spare money.

If you want a bigger payout, search for sponsors! Tag the brands you wear or use in the photos you post with their product. If you’re a make-up or fashion account, make sure you’re reaching out to them and making it clear you’d like to work together.

Websites like TapInfluence are another way to help get a head start. They’ll help you create a profile for businesses to browse when looking for fresh accounts to sponsor.

For photography blogs, consider putting your photos up for sale. Your followers will see how well your account does when you post the content you take by the likes and comments each post gets. Offer to sell those images and get your career on the road.

There are many options to making some extra money on Instagram. Give it a shot with your account!

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Where Does Instagram Make Its Money?

When you think about social media, you may also wonder where the money to run those platforms comes from. Someone has to be paid to design and maintain these websites, and Instagram is no different. Facebook, the leading site in social media, bought Instagram in the April of 2012. This was a business move that was widely criticized by many, as Instagram had no real revenue at the time. Like Facebook, Instagram allows for paid advertising to happen, and that is where the majority of the income originates from.

The selling point for Instagram that won Facebook, and everyone else, over was the mobile designated design. The world has shifted into using their mobile devices almost solely, and using social media on computers is no longer taking place as much as it once had. One of the drawbacks that Facebook faced for a long time was how accommodating they were to PC users, but not as mobile friendly. The purchase of Instagram has given them the chance to really capitalize on the mobile world. Instagram has been catering to its mobile users since it was founded and will continue to do so in a smartphone powered society.

Looking at the profits Instagram makes, it’s not much compared to other social media sites. Instagram has stated that they are taking things slow to make sure everything is done right and they don’t risk the quality of the app in favor of a higher profit. They’ve slowly opened advertising beyond just a few big names, and are waiting before expanding that move.

Still, even with the small amount of paid advertising they’re experimenting with, Instagram manages to pull in a surprising amount of profit for how little they’ve been working on it. In 2015, it was estimated that Instagram was worth $33 billion. It is safe to assume that they’ve increased that amount, and the same article goes on to talk about how they predict that by 2020, the website will have made over $5 million in revenue.

Many businesses are using Instagram to grow and boost the traffic to their brand. Because of this, Instagram has thrown open the doors to making a profit off of paid advertising, as Facebook has been successful with doing. When it was born, Instagram wasn’t an app that had a clear plan for profit, like most fun, social-based mobile apps. To watch as it evolves and adds more interactive features like live video and stories is an amazing thing to witness, and businesses are eager to hop on the bandwagon. Instagram has proven to sell, and tapping into that resource could result in millions of dollars being made for those behind the app.

The more people who sign up and begin actively using Instagram will help make more speculations at how much the website will be making in the upcoming years. Instagram has been steadily growing in users, and that is unlikely to stop anytime soon. As long as people are double-tapping, there will be money to be made!

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Your Instagram Could be Killing Your Career

Looking for a job and worried about the horror stories you hear about people not getting hired because of the state of their Instagram account? You aren’t too far off the mark – most hiring managers will do research including looking at your social media profiles to make sure you will be an excellent addition to their team.

A common misconception is that employers sift through your social media to try and find the worst aspects of you. The truth is, over 60% of companies say they go through your Instagram and other profiles to check out you out on a personal level. They aren’t looking for a reason not to hire you. Quite the opposite, actually: they want more reasons to hire you. So why let your Instagram kill your prospects?

Negative Social Media Can Destroy Your Chances

You might not realize it, but the same employers looking through your social media for a reason to hire you could be put off by a negative post on your profile. Over 50% of hiring managers say that they were influenced by social media posts not to hire an applicant. Some of the types of posts that put your potential employers off hiring you include:

  • Any pictures on Instagram that are “indecent”, nude, provocative, or otherwise unprofessional
  • Any proof or circumstantial evidence that you are a drug user or a heavy drinker
  • Discrimination, whether racist, sexist, or homophobic
  • Unprofessional conduct in the form of badmouthing a previous employer or colleague
  • Terrible communication strategies and skills

Don’t Hide Who You Are Online!

One decision that can be terrible for you is to hide your Instagram account from the public. Setting your social media accounts to private is a good way to stop employers from looking at them, but it can also lead to a negative impact on their decision. They want to find out more about you on the internet. Having a clean account is a good start, but if you are too clean and polished, it might start to smell a little fishy to the employer.

Your primary objective with your Instagram account should be to tell your employer about who you are. Use it to communicate your personality, your hobbies, your preferences, and what you do in your leisure time. Most employers today want someone who can share in the strong culture they have within the office. Being someone with diverse interests is a good way to show them that you will fit right in with the rest of them.

What You Should Show Online

If you have a website, make sure it is built with a professional image in mind. On the “about” page of your social media, set up the qualifications you have and match them with your resume. Try to make your personality online as diverse and responsible as possible, with many interests and a “well-rounded” image of yourself. Last, but not least, learn the difference between your and you’re. Little things like that go a long way.

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Bring Your Local Business to Life with These 5 Instagram Tricks!

Instagram has become a major advertising platform for any sort of brand, business, or company looking to boost their revenue. It has surpassed Twitter and Facebook both when it comes to interaction on   a social media site, which makes it a perfect choice for gaining traffic to your business and building relationships with your consumers. Utilizing Instagram for your local business is a wise, and fun, business choice, and really simple to get started with. With over 500 million users, you’re already tapping into a huge bank of potential customers. These are some tricks to jump-start your Instagram profile into being a top-notch money maker!

1. Be Clear On Location!

For businesses hoping to get more local recognition, one of the best ways to do that is to really capitalize on the area you’re in. Put your location in your bio, and use geotags on your posts. Add content generated around surrounding areas such as important landmarks, local events, and pretty sights that can be seen around your town or city to establish your part in the community.

2. Host Contests and Giveaways!

A great way to get a buzz on your business and product or services is to offer contests and giveaways. Depending on your brand and type of company you run, you can encourage your followers to post photos for a prize by using specific hashtags or tagging your handle in their entries. Offer free product to your followers with fun giveaways at milestones like your first thousand, and encourage interaction on your photos. Contests can participate by liking a photo in a random draw, or by answering questions you pose to inspire thought and creativity.

3. Reach Out!

Just like you, there are many other business owners on Instagram doing their best to boost their traffic and following. Help each other out and cross-promote, partner up for events and contests, or simply show your support by commenting and liking their photos and videos. This will give a sense of community, and make your brand all the more appealing to those following you.

4. Get A Little Personal!

The best aspect of Instagram is the slice of life it offers to your followers. You have the ability to give a look into who you are as a company. Posting pictures and videos of your employees at events, behind the scenes, or at holidays is a great way to show the person behind the name. Instagram users love a personalized touch to a brand.

5. Add Some Video Content!

Instagram is all about the visuals, and a great way to give an even clearer picture into the life of your business by adding in videos every now and then. They can be clips of commercials, events you and your employees attend in the area, or celebration of significant milestones that your team has reached. Creativity is what made Instagram so popular, so don’t be afraid to put your company out there. Videos on Instagram have shown a statistically high amount of interaction, so it’s a great way to really get involved with your following.

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Reach Your Full Potential with Instagram Account Analysis

Advertising your brand on Instagram has grown as a popular way for businesses to get the word out there and build interactive relationships with their customers. Despite the large increase of businesses using Instagram as a way to boost traffic to their brand, the website itself has yet to offer any kind of built-in analytics for your profile to track the success of your account. Don’t let that discourage you, though. There are plenty of other ways to figure out if you’re reaching the full potential of your advertising outreach. Some of these methods are simple ones you can conduct yourself, while others use the help of apps and widgets to answer those questions for you. The path you take to analyze your Instagram page is entirely up to you, and what works for some may not be your cup of tea. That’s okay! Try out some of these tips, tricks, and apps to help get you started on deciding if you’re using Instagram to its best capabilities.

Likes, Comments, and Followers

The easiest way to see how you’re doing online is by looking at the amount of interaction your posts are getting compared to your follower count. Add up the likes and comments on one of your individual posts and divide that by the follower count for the page, and you’ll get the percentage of engagement you’re receiving! The more followers you have, the more you’ll want to see your percentage rising. It’s always best to shoot for high numbers.

Conduct Some Tests

One of the ways business owners can test to see if their Instagram following actually purchases their merchandise or services is by offering a discount code specific to the website. Once you post it, watch for the purchases made with this discount. If you see a lot, then you know that your account is reaching a lot of customers.

Another way to gauge the interaction of your fans is by offering contests and giveaways, organized by a specific hashtag. You’ll be able to see what audience you’re reaching by who participates by liking your content, posting their own under the hashtag, and commenting on your posts.

Download Helpful Apps

There are so many apps out there to support your experience using Instagram, from editing tools to analyzing widgets. We’ve found some of the best ones for business owners trying to get their account to its full potential.

  1. SimplyMeasured: Easily view your metrics, such as the best times to post and the most popular tags. They offer you a free initial report to see how well your profile is fairing.
  2. Iconosquare: See which posts are getting the most attention and discover when your followers are most active.
  3. Quintly: The full-featured website not only analyzes your Instagram and other social media profiles but also those of your competitors to show how you’re doing against them.
  4. Squarelovin: A simplistic and free way to analyze your account performance based on engagement.
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