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Buying Instagram Followers? Here’s How + 4 Other Ways to Increase Your Presence

Like any marketing campaign, a little bit of time and effort has to mix with a solid strategy in order to boost your business on Instagram. This social media platform has become huge recently– especially popular among those hoping to see an increase in revenue by using the mobile app for marketing purposes, Instagram is now a household name. Everyone from artists to designers, fitness trainers, and even dancers are using Instagram to get discovered, and the tactic is working! Recently, Instagram has been offering paid advertising like Facebook, but exclusively for huge businesses. Some people have started making their income entirely with their personal accounts, just by being sponsored by big name brands. What is the key to all of this? Followers! Instagram is an app that is fueled by numbers, in the marketing sense. The number of followers you have on your account is the number of people you have reached, and can be considered as current and potential clients. The concept is simple: the more followers, the better. 

The trick is getting those followers without having to spend money. Instagram has made it easy for businesses to promote themselves. If you have a strategy and a clear plan on what you’re doing then you will be able to reach your audience without difficulty. ;

That all being said, at the end of the day, there is no better way to increase your social presence than to buy Instagram followers, and what better place than Buzzoid? Buzzoid offers services in each of the following locales:

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Hashtags are the best way to get noticed. Use relevant hashtags to increase visibility of your brand, but also use popular searches with lots of posts in them. You should use at least 6 hashtags per post, but probably not more than 11 or 12 without looking a little desperate. Jump in on trends like “#throwbackthursday” and some research to see what your competitors are using for hashtags, or take a look at some accounts that are part of the general public you’re trying to gear your advertisements towards.


Instagram is so popular because of the interactions that takes place on the app. Make sure you’re not just posting and ignoring those who respond. Instead give them a shout back and like a few of their photos when you see them frequently active on your account. Follow similar profiles, track tags that your brand has created, and make sure your followers feel appreciated by offering them special discount codes. You can even hold contests and giveaways to really boost the interaction on your account!


A few apps like Repost have popped up to help you share pictures posted by other accounts directly to your own. It’s a great way to show off real customer satisfaction, as well as helping to boost your engagment on your posts. 


One of the easiest ways to get your Instagram noticed is by linking up to all your other social media sites, or even your businesses website. This is really easy to do, and will help reach even more people, pushing that number on your following up fast. 

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